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Repair & Restoration Work

Bringing Guitars & Basses Back to Life!

I specialise in the servicing, repair, modification and restoration of electric guitars and basses. See current examples of the scope of works below via my 

DeluxeTone Instagram Account

Scope of Works

Professional Set Ups

From basic re-string and intonation adjustment, to complete end-to-end servicing of both guitars and bass to ensure that the feel, playability, and sound is where it needs to be. Set up costs start at $60 for a restring/clean/nut and saddle lubrication/intonation set and action adjustment for non-vibrato/hardtail guitars (not including strings). Given the uniqueness of each instruments needs, please contact me for a cost estimate for set up work beyond the 'basics'. 


Electronics Repairs & Modification

Don't die wondering about trying different pickups or taking some tonal travels by exploring mod options... if you would like to re-configure your existing pickups and electronics then I can definitely help you. Pickup swaps, pickup cavity routing, switch, potentiometer, and output jack repairs/replacement, capacitor replacement, cavity and under-pickguard shielding can all be done. General electronics repairs start at $60/hr with a range of set pricing for pickup swaps etc depending on guitar and pickup type. Let's talk about how you can upgrade your electronics or improve what's already there!


Neck Repairs & Fretwork

What you feel under your fingers in the fretting hand is perhaps the most important part of getting your guitar 'right'. Over time though, frets wear out, nut slots wear out, playability declines and intonation becomes scattered. Let's fix that. Sometimes it's a relatively straightforward light re-levelling re-crowning and polish to get your neck playing right, other times your old faithful might be due for a complete fret replacement. Fretwork generally tends to start at around $125 for re-conditioning of existing frets, and new nut installs start at $95. Obviously the variation beyond those start points can be significant so let's pop it on the bench so we can go over the options, degrees of need, and various costs that you can consider. 


Restoration & Relic Work

Kinda two ends of the aesthetic aim here. One is to rejuvenate a guitar in need of some serious attention to make it look and feel as new as possible again. The other is to achieve a visual reproduction of a well-worn, well-gigged instrument that has all the hallmarks of age and character.Whether it's time to get the dust and grime off your old guitar and make it sing again, or create a 'road worn' vintage vibe to an existing guitar, I can help make it happen.


Please note that relic work is limited to 'Fender' style bolt on neck guitars. Body and neck relic work usually requires a complete refinish of the body - in other words, it's not an inexpensive process. 


Partscaster Creations

Ever had an idea for a guitar or bass that you can't find 'off the shelf' at a guitar store? Got a variation on the common historical production guitar themes that you wish they made but never did? Maybe it's possible to do it! If you can source the parts (I can help and advise with that part of the process), I can provide pretty much everything you need to make that dream become a reality.

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