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The Radiola

Single Cutaway Two Pickups

The Big Brother to the Radiolette

A total desert island guitar for me. I designed the Radiola to feel comfortable for any player, regardless of what scale length or body type they are accustomed to. Built on the same body and neck design as the Radiolette, the Radiola model adds a second pickup and covers everything from jazz and blues to jangly chime to rock riffing. Controls can be set up as either Vol/Tone/Tone or Vol/Vol/Tone - your choice!

Base Specs

Scale Length: 25"

Number of Frets: 22

Standard Pickups: Martin A Smith Custom Radiola Set - A5 Single Coil Neck + A5 WRHB in Regular HB size for the Bridge

Bridge: DeluxeTone Hardtail V3

Standard Colour Scheme: Two colour design

Pricing Options

Standard Build: $AUS2395 (incl HSC)

+ Binding $150 (per side)

+ Vibrato $450

+ Chambered body and bound figured top $350

+ Pickup/Tuner/Timber/Electronics options - depends on your preferences

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