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The Radiolette

Single Cutaway Single Pickup

The heart and soul of DeluxeTone

My personal favourite model and where it all started. This was my very first pencil and paper design and the one I absolutely adore just plugging in and creating with. There's no option paralysis when it's just one pickup and your amp. Don't be fooled though, the Radiolette is WAY beyond being a one trick pony. Those volume and tone controls are there for you to explore. Play this through some gain or fuzz roll back the volume, take a little bright edge off with the tone and you'll be amazed at how many different sounds you can create with the subtle nuances of output voume tone shaping and effects through a great amp. This is the guitar you add to your quiver when you want the ultimate plug in, crank the gain and just express yourself experience of playing an amplified instrument.

Base Specs

Scale Length: 25"

Number of Frets: 22

Standard Pickup: Martin A Smith Custom Wound Wide Range Alnico V HB in regular HB size

Bridge: DeluxeTone Hardtail V3

Standard Colour Scheme: Two colour design

Pricing Options

Standard Build: $AUS1995 (incl HSC)

+ Top Binding $150

+ Push/Pull for Single Coil $95

+ Chambered body and bound figured top $350

+ Pickup/Tuner/Timber/Electronics options - depends on your preferences

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