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These people do cool stuff

I don't do what I do without the support of players, pickup makers, timber suppliers, parts manufacturers, friends and family. Thankyou to all of these folks for helping motivate and inspire me, providing my guitars with the components they need to bring to life my vision, or just plain being 'present'.


The 'standard' pickup sets that I use for the DeluxeTone models are handwound to my specifications by some incredibly gifted humans. By 'standard' I mean - these pickups are THE 'standard' in capturing the tones I have in my head and that I want every owner of one of my guitars to experience. I can't find better and only want to use the best. In reality the pickups are the component of an electric guitar that has arguably the biggest direct influence on what you end up hearing when amplified, beyond the amplifier itself. They make a difference!

Check these guys out...

Martin A Smith Pickups | Australia

Madlove Pickups | Australia

Righteous Sound Pickups | USA


Nothing brings me more joy than seeing a DeluxeTone creation in the hands of original artists playing live music. If you get the opportunity go and see these gifted humans playing music on a DeluxeTone instrument. Follow them via the Instagram icons below.

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Tullara Connors (Tullara Music)  - Owns and plays Radiola Serial Number 01 'Sea Meets Surf'

  • Instagram

Zac Roberton (Semantics) - Owns and plays Radiola Prototype 02 + Cosmopolitan Prototype 01

Custom Parts Machining

One of my original design goals was to be able to build my guitars with as many locally sourced Australian made components as possible. My routing templates, headstock plates, neck plates and bridge plates are all my own original designs and are manufactured for each guitar using the highest grade stainless steel/polycarbonate/MDF laser cutting technology via Laserworx at Noosa.

Stuff you should plug into

When you buy a DeluxeTone guitar ya gotta plug it in to an Australian made amp! Be sure to check out my buddy Aaron's work at Sleepwalk Amps. He builds outrageously cool 'D' style amplifiers that serve as the perfect blank canvas for you to create your own sound with.

You dig effects pedals? I do too... maybe even a little bit obsessed with those boutique boxes of tone shaping temptations. My faves? I have many, but there are a few that are ALWAYS a massive part of the sounds I get when I plug in...

Greer Amps | USA

Accessories you need!

Kinda pointless bringing one of my creations into your life without accessorising it with the finest guitar straps made by hand here in Australia. If you're not familiar with Hey Laidy straps then check out her ETSY Store and pick out something to sling over your shoulder while playing a DeluxeTone build.

Last but definitely not least...

I've been blessed by having experienced luthier and master acoustic builder Mike Chapman mentor me. Mike has provided the invaluable and essential guidance and teaching that has enabled me to build and repair electric guitars. Every day in the workshop brings the opportunity for existing skills to be strengthened and new skills to develop. It's a lifelong learning commitment and it's always a comfort to know that I can drag Mike out of retirement to have a coffee and problem solving session with.

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