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The Cosmopolitan

Dual Cutaway Two Pickups

An Inspired Alternative

When I sharpened the pencil and started sketching up an idea for a dual cutaway, slimmer bodied electric, I wanted to create something that appealed to my post-punk sensibilities but equally inspire me to punch out heavy blues when the mood beckoned. The Cosmopolitan does that... and pretty much whatever else you ask of it! This is the guitar you need in your quiver when it's time to move beyond traditional single coil sounds into richer tonal territory, but keep the clarity and crispness we all love.

The body design has a slimmer 42mm body thickness and exaggerated edge rollover that is super comfortable to play. Neck and scale length dimensions are the same as the Radiolette and Radiola models at 25" with 22 frets. Pickup selection can be via either two on-off slider switches (my favourite) or a three-way toggle.

Base Specs

Scale Length: 25"

Number of Frets: 22

Standard Pickups: Righteous Sound USA '1991 Gazing' Set

Bridge: DeluxeTone Hardtail V3

Standard Colour Scheme: Two colour design 

Pricing Options

Standard Build: $AUS2495 (incl HSC)

+ Vibrato $450

+ Pickup/Tuner/Timber/Electronics options - depends on your preferences

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